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Page 1 of 1 Corporate Internet Banking CIB Do you have any existing Corporate ID for your account specified in page 1 of this form max 25 characters If YES please specify the Corporate ID in the adjacent box the User Id in the adjacent box No existing User ID Account Number to be linked to your existing Corp ID and User ID Access Type View CMS Information Pull-based Mobile Banking Information Pull-based Mobile Banking Stop Payment Request for Cheque book Download statements Download...
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Registration Form for New Account Holders (Only for Individuals/Sole Proprietors). Statement via Email (free)/Fax (chargeable). Account details ... Registration Form for New Account Holders (Only for Individuals/Sole Proprietors). Statement via Email (free)/Fax (chargeable). Account details ... Auction Site Registration for Persons Not Otherwise Specified<|endoftext|>"My dear boy, you are a fool if you do not understand how much my body is in my hands and the hands of my husband." So begins a letter published in the early 1950s in the French press as the scandal surrounding the American president's affair with a young Miss Wallington began to swirl. The letter is dated 18 June 1944, and was addressed to Mr Nixon by the former American ambassador in France, the distinguished and deeply religious Ambassador Samuel Rosenman. It was written by the former US president to a young man who called himself Albert, and was later named Albert von Bulow. The letter is now to be published by the National Archives in Washington as part of the National Archives' Record Group 94, with more than 10,000 documents on the subject, that will make them available online. The letter was the climax to an affair that would rock the US during the Second World War, and which has still not been satisfactorily resolved. At the time Mr Van Bulow was just 22 years old and a student with a military background, studying medicine at the Sorbonne in Paris. "It is true that it was my first sexual affair with you during my studies," Mr Nixon wrote in his letter to Senator Richard Nixon, now 93. "But the fact that I do not remember that night does not mean that it did not occur. I wish it did not, but I did not have the privilege of forgetting it. Now, if you will do me the honour to join in the most heartfelt praise of my physical beauty, the only beauty you ever saw in me during my entire life, I would feel a special obligation to you to tell you again how much my body is in the palms of my hands." While Mr Nixon was one of the most powerful men in the world, Albert von Bulow was a successful young doctor who had made a name for himself internationally through his own medical research, and became a major fundraiser for the National Cancer Institute in Washington, having raised over $10,000 for the charity by his early 30s
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